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Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings

“Energy Efficiency at Household Buildings” Program is a co-funded program, which is aimed at owners of buildings who wish to improve the energy efficiency of their home.

More specifically, the program envisages subsidizing energy-saving interventions in buildings a) which have planning permission or other legal documents, b) are located in areas with lower price band or equal to 2.100 € / sq.m., as it had developed up to 31.12.2009, c) are classified under the Energy Performance Certificate (E.P.C.) to a category lower or equal to D and d) are not considered demolished.

Participation in this program have only individuals who) have the right of ownership (full or bare) or the right in an eligible dwelling and b) meet the income criteria of the following categories A1 or A2 or B.

Beneficiaries of A1 category: the Beneficiaries whose individual declared income does not exceed 12.000 € or family declared income does not exceed 20.000 €.

Beneficiaries of A2 category: the Beneficiaries whose individual declared income is greater than 12.000 € and do not exceed 40.000 € or family declared income is greater than 20.000 € and no more than 60.000 €.

Beneficiaries of B category: the Beneficiaries whose individual declared income is greater than 40.000 € and do not exceed 60.000 € or family declared income is greater than 60.000 € and no more than 80.000 €.

As declared income obtained “total declared income” Section C “Τ.Ι. Clearance” the statement income tax note.

Eligible Categories

  1. Frames replacement (frames / glass) and fitting shading systems.
  2. Installing insulation in the building envelope including roof and flats.
  3. Upgrading the heating system and hot water supply system.

The eligible budget per Beneficiaries’ application cannot exceed 15.000 € including VAT (eligible operations budget). Moreover, covered by the program, provided the eligibility of the application and achieving the minimum energy program objectives (Chapter 3):

a. Costs under Article 10 of PD. 100 / 30.09.2010 (Government Gazette A 177), required for carrying out the two energy audits.

b. Remuneration of the project consultant on the application, monitor the implementation of energy saving measures and completion of the project including the presentation of supporting documents to final disbursement.

The final eligible budget is determined on the basis of documentary evidence submitted expenditure and cannot exceed the eligible budget of the qualification decision and the ceilings of eligible expenditure by expenditure category of the program.

Ask your professional consultant for further information.