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Our philosophy of our work is:

  • The benefit of services of high quality, according to the specifications of each work
  • The satisfaction of particular needs of customers, as these are recorded in forms of description and documentation of work
  • The observation of timetables of work
  • The direct correspondence of service
  • The hygiene and safety of personnel
  • The respect and the protection of environment
  • The respect and the protection of intellectual property of customers

The main services that our company undertakes are:

  • Benefit of advices of engineer
  • Development of electromechanical plans
  • Development of energy plans – energy inspections
  • Development of financial plans
  • Development of mechanical engineer plans
  • Funding programs (National & EU)
  • Benefit of advisory services and development of strategic planning and administration in enterprises and organisms
  • Quality Systems (ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, OHSAS 1801, etc.)
  • Development of cost accounting plans, business plansmarketing plans